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vSecurePro Mobile

This application is available for Android Mobile devices with Android 6.0 or above.

Downloading the Android mobile application

You can download the vSecurePro Application from link below
[ Download vSecurePro Mobile]

Installing the Application

Download the vSecurePro Mobile APK
[ Download vSecurePro Mobile]

After downloading the application, double tap to start installation.

Follow on screen instructions.

Allow for the permission whenever prompted or asked for.

Registering the mobile device

Once the application is downloaded and installed, run the application.

Once you have installed the application, register your mobile device.

When registering your mobile device, make sure you are providing true and correct details

Allow for the permission whenever prompted or asked for.

Activating the product.

Post purchase of product, you will be provided with the Activation ID and Activation Key.

On 'My Purchase' page in application, click on icon in left top corner to open the 'New Product Activation' page.

Enter the Activation ID and Activation Key as provided to you.

Click on 'Activate' button to submit.

Downloading the demo videos

Below is the link to download the demo video/s